Thank you once again for the great job you did moving, assembling, and recovering my table.  You and Vince made a 30-year-old table look great and play as well as any newer table I've played on (and in some ways better than some brand-new tables that cost 10x as much).  This experience has shown me that, when it comes to billiards, the quality of the setup is at least as important as the quality of the table itself, and probably more important.  Your use of the right tools and the proper techniques made all the difference.

I also appreciate your professionalism in dealing with the issues that came up along the way.  I'm sure that many installers would have easily cut some corners on a couple snafus that popped up during installation (and I'd guess older tables can come with their share of problems), but you addressed them in the right way.  My family is enjoying playing pool on our table, and I'm sure we will for many years.

Best regards,
Zach S


I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how happy I am with the work you did on my table.  As you know, I had another “guy” work on my table in the past and his work was not up to your standards.  Of course I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my 6 new cushions and new cloth on my 9 foot table but what really impressed the heck out of me was your patience and your willingness to (in fact, your insistence on) doing it right.  I know that at one point you and your assistant had been working on the leveling of the slate for several minutes when you decided “let’s start over”, simply because it wasn’t up to your standards!  That was awesome.  And another time when you were starting the process of adding shims to what were already in place, under my slate, you said to your assistant, “Let’s just start from scratch.”  I ended up with a pile of old shims which were removed from my table. 

On top of your excellent work, you were very punctual and you kept me updated on times and deliveries.  You and your assistant were both professional and personable and I would readily recommend you to anyone needing quality pool table service. 

Thanks again. 

Dennis 4/9/12

I bought an older table that was in need of drastic repair. Rick not only found the parts, they were able to move the table, re-cushion and refelt it and have the new parts installed all within a week. He kept me in the loop throughout, did what he said he would and always on time.
Sherri B. Palatine, IL 01/08

I needed to move a pool table from my old house to the new house (basement to basement). After making multiple calls I hired them. Rick (owner) and Scott came and uninstalled, moved and re-installed the table. They have done a great job. They are professional, knows exactly what needed to be done. They have taken very good care of everything during the entire process. Overall I am very pleased and would strongly recommend for anybody who needs pool table services.
Rafique-Naperville, IL 07/2009

I wanted to thank you so very much for fixing our Hercules table on Monday. I'm not sure what you had to do to make it level again, but it worked. Please know you have a great referral source if you ever need one from me and my family. THANKS AGAIN!!

Best regards,
Dan & Beth S. 01/29/10

After the moving company I hired broke my pool table while trying to carry it in one piece, I called a local pool table retailer. When the two guys they sent came and looked at it I was told that as long as the table was leaning against a wall, (the movers left it that way) there was absolutely nothing that can be done and nobody that could do anything about it. Wanting another opinion, I called Table Pros. After talking to Rick on the phone I was assured he and his assistant would be able to dismantle the table in it’s present condition. I was still apprehensive. When they arrived, they evaluated the situation and had it dismantled in under an hour. They even stopped at a hardware store on the way to my new home to buy new wood blocks to replace the broken ones. The table looks fantastic, like new.
Michael B. Long Grove, IL. 02/2010



On the behalf of all of our party attendees, I’d like to thank you for furnishing the rental pool table at last week’s event.  We all had a great time!  I’d also like to convey a thank you from the staff at (the hosting restaurant).  Your professionalism and attention to detail, as well as your punctuality, did not go un-noticed.


We’re already planning our next event.  Assuredly, we will be contacting you.


Thanks, again.


Kim B.

Sept. 27, 2010

Hi Rick,

Amazing, you do an excellent job installing pool tables.  The photos are amazing as well!!!  It is such a pleasure working with you. 

thanks again and GREAT JOB!!!

May 18, 2011

Rick.  Please feel free to post my comments on your website reviews page.


On June 16, 2011, Table Pros came to look at my Olhausen pool table to inspect for possible cushion rubber replacement.  Rick mentioned that it would be rare that an 8 year old Olhausen table would require new rubber.  After removing the rails, Rick showed me why the bumpers were not consistently responsive.  The past 2 pool table service companies had not removed the staples when they recovered my rails.  In fact, we could still see the original green felt on the bottom side of the rails.  They just sliced around the staples.  He said unfortunately, he sees that a lot these days.  Rick said that by removing the old staples and remaining strip of old felt, the rails would lay properly on the table surface.  It made sense. So instead of recushioning the table, all that I needed was new felt installed the right way.


Table Pros is the only company I’ll allow to work on my table.


Jill and Mark Andersen

I hired Table Pros to re-felt my Valley pool table after finding their posting on Craigslist.  As they were removing the old felt they found the cushions to be falling off the rails.  Also, 3 of the cushions were Championship’s brand and the other 3 were Valley.  Less than a year ago I hired ****** (another) Pool Table company to replace the cushions and re-felt with Simonis felt.  Rick explained that there are other service companies that use inter-changeable rails for Valley tables.  That’s most likely why I ended up with 2 different cushion brands.  The worst part of the ordeal was the other company did not even use Simonis cloth as I had requested and paid for.

Obviously, I’m sorry I didn’t call Table Pros the first time.  They replaced the cushions and felt with Simonis for less than the first guy charged!

Paul C.11/18/2011

I have been able to play a couple of games on the table since you guys re-leveled it. The table is much more playable and the felt is a heck of a lot nicer.
Considering how bad it was to start with you did a great job.
Mike P 1/6/12

Hi Rick  -


I've been playing on the re-covered Olhausen table for about a week now and I am not quite sure what you guys did, but it now plays like a different table. In addition to having the consistency of the new cloth, the balls are rolling better, the pockets seem more open, shots just seem to be going in. Even at my skill level, I notice a considerable difference - it's really much improved.


Just wanted to let you know and thanks for a great job!

Why TablePros?


It seems that every day new pool table movers and service “companies” pop up.  The truth is, most of them are not insured, certified nor even registered as a business.  Many only work for cash.  Although, in some cases, their pricing may be a bit lower, as with anything else, you get what you pay for.  Not to say all the new arrivals in this business are complete hacks.  Some of the longer standing companies can be worse.  There are those out there that offer low prices and overbook jobs they have no intention of showing up to or they may arrive hours late.  At least 75% don’t bother removing staples from rails upon re-felting. In many cases, they’ll cut around the staples leaving a strip of the old felt.  This is one of my biggest pet peeves because I end up doing the job they’ve already been paid to do.  This is not only laziness; it can affect the height of the rail position on the table. When dis-assembling a pool table, they simply pull the felt off, leaving the staples and pieces of torn felt attached to the slate backing.   Many still use plaster to seal slate seams and fill slate screw holes.  This practice should have stopped 20 years ago.  Plaster will chip and crack leaving particles under the felt, not to mention the toll it takes on the screw heads.  The BCA recommends Bee’s Wax.  That’s the only method we use.


TablePros is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.  We are a fully insured Illinois registered business and a certified member of the Billiard Congress of America.  We don’t cut corners.  All jobs are performed using the proper tools and techniques. 


Every effort is made to answer phone calls promptly.  But since I’m on every job, it’s not always possible.  In that event, all calls are returned as soon as possible.  All emails are replied to as well.  Even if you don’t book your pool table service with us, contact me prior to scheduling and I’ll give you an honest opinion on the good and not so good ones that are out there.







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